Monday, January 14, 2019

First 2019 Finish

At long last, this simple 9-patch is finished!
60" x 72"
Way back when (20+ years ago), when I was still in a bee and participating in block swaps, I managed to accumulate in the neighborhood of 68 of these large 9-patch blocks. This was my first use of them--roughly 10 years ago I went through the pile and pulled the blocks that would complement the border fabric (which I lurve! Unfortunately, it looks washed out from a distance.) The posts were created from my 1.5" collection of squares, then strips cut from stash for the sashing.

Once the top was complete, it hung on my To Be Quilted rack, with the dark green flannel I had chosen for backing, for years. I'm in the midst of my 4-year "Just Say No/Get It Finished!" plan, so this was an obvious choice to complete. Besides, I want to love it on my bed, not just look at it on the rack!

Saturday, January 12, 2019


This title was the reaction a fellow Magpie had when her gift from the Robert Kaufman company arrived after she sent them a quilt for the CA quilt drive. The hand-written thank-you card was what really made her tear up: "Lordy – these folks put in so much time (and yes, $$, too, at least from Kaufman) organizing and completing this drive, and to take the time to write a thank-you card?  I’m astonished, delighted, and inspired...."

I deliberately waited until the drive was over (12/31/2018) before showing these gifts I received from them. I didn't want to corrupt anyone's motives.

Astonishing, indeed! 

I didn't keep the note that accompanied the spool because it wasn't my gift--it was supposed to go to someone named "Aggie". The unintentional irony of that spool is this: in this part of the world there are two well-known schools. The students of one of them are called "Aggies", and that burnt-orange thread is the school color of the other, their bitter rivals. If Aggie is true to her name, she most likely would have HATED that color! It has a good, loving home with me now, and Aggie has a generous gift warming her heart in return. Happy endings all around.

I'm very grateful for the time, energy, and effort put forth by the Robert Kaufman Team that made this quilt drive so successful. Reading the comments on the #quiltsforCA Instragram account assures me the 1,000+ quilts are absolutely needed and loved by the recipients.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Too Many Tops!

The tops, they are accumulating:
Not so bad, you say? Here's the rest of the story (plus one on the design wall):
5 of my creation and a vintage/antique(?) I intend to repair, then quilt. Can you spot the MEQ?
So today this one was chosen to advance to the pinning table:
The selection technique is highly scientific: I have bindings for 3 quilts prepared and wrapped around one shuttle, and this one's is on top.

The backing fabric (flipped back over the top for the photo) was a delightful GoodWill/Op Shop find: an IKEA duvet cover. Once the seams were picked out, it yielded several yards of 80"-wide 100% cotton goodness. I still have plenty left to back a second quilt, which will probably be the uppermost flimsy shown in the top picture.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

MInd's Eye Quilts

It would appear that 20-some-odd years ago I felt the need to immortalize(?) the ideas for future quilts or wall-hangings rocketing around in my head. I found a MEQ folder in my permanent storage device, with these projects in it:
"Bottle" MEQ

"Challenge" (quilt guild) MEQ

"Coach" MEQ

"I Spy" (duh!) MEQ

"Jewel" MEQ

"Roses" (ya think?) MEQ
Today, two of these are no longer even in the running, two are still baggied up as they were 20 years ago, one is due to revisit my Design Wall, and one actually became a completed wall-hanging! To have 1/3 of one's ideas come to (or close to) fruition in a span of 20 years--is that a good percentage? I suppose one can always say, as one does in the blogosphere, "I can get a blog post out of it!"

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Design wall: Sister

The upholstery fabric I used in CA quilts 6 and 7 has another colorway--burgundy.

I've got tons of those 11"x12" rectangles, plus a good-sized length, so using this up is my next project. As it turns out, only a portion of the rectangles will be used, but at least it's a start.

Friday, January 4, 2019

CA-bound #7: Handsome

Quilt #7 sent to Robert Kaufman for the #quiltsforCA drive:
Virtually awesome. Actually huge: 73" x 90"
This woven pattern was one I'd been wanting to play with for some time. I didn't have a place clear enough and big enough to lay the finished quilt out for its photo-op before mailing it to California. I was in a hurry--TFI's government shut-down was imminent and I wasn't sure how our postal system would be impacted.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

CA-bound #6: Simply squares

Quilt #6 sent to Robert Kaufman for the #quiltsforCA drive:
60" x 76"
 This was an experiment. The large print was from a stash of polished cotton(?) light-weight upholstery fabric I've been carrying around for decades. My former sister-in-law worked for a while in a fabric store, and would often bring my mother and me upholstery fabric and sample swatches from discontinued lines. I had several 11"x12" rectangles of it, far too many to use up in this quilt (the rest were used in CA quilt #7). Counting the border, 25 rectangles were used from this stash.