Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Clowdy with a Chance of Hairballs

Since I'm pinned to my recliner by one of the beasts, I might as well do something productive, such as blog!

I have it on good authority that I am sharing my life with a clowder, a new-to-me word which is apparently the collective noun for domestic cats. Hubby asked what would describe a group of non-domestic cats; I suggested "pride" (as in "... of lions"), but a pride of feral cats just doesn't sound right, does it?

Anyway... let me tell the story of our little clowder.


Sunday, November 5, 2017

When Comes the Sun?

This has been the timeline of our project so far:

Mid-April: Talk to a SolarCity/Tesla Energy "Energy Consultant" and get the ball rolling.

Early May: Sign the paperwork/disclaimer that would switch our power over to the company that SolarCity/Tesla Energy recommends: MP2.
      Solar panels approved by HOA. Now the fun begins, trying to convince the city that the battery is safe (that's the job of the Energy Consultant).

End of June: Get and sign the enrollment papers for the new power company, MP2.

Mid-July: Power switched over to MP2.

End of August: Arrange a date for installation. First one available is at the end of September.

September 27: Installation of panels and battery. Now we wait for the system inspection to be completed. Told this could take 4-10 weeks.

October 4: Received loan payment coupons for the next 12 months, starting in December 2017. Our loan, to cover the cost and installation of the 17 panels and the battery panel, comes to nearly $26,000.

Early November: "Final document package" sent by SolarCity to the power company for review. We were told it could take "a few weeks" for this to be completed. We were immediately sent an Interconnection Agreement by the power source (Oncor, through which the different power companies get the electricity they sell to the consumers. At least, that's my understanding of the system!) After signing it electronically and sending it back, it was signed by their representative within a day.

November 3: Got this email from SolarCity/Tesla Energy:
"I just wanted to touch base with you regarding your solar project. We submitted your project for Permission To Operate on 11/01 with an estimated timeline of 10-11 weeks. Also we received Permission To Operate from Oncor on 11/02, so we are waiting for MP2 to confirm that your Net Energy Meter credits are active, this has a timeline between 30-60 days. Once again thank you for choosing SolarCity."

So...solar by the end of the year? I'm hoping so, but not holding my breath!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Back in the saddle

March. MARCH!

That was the last time I did any quilting on this!!

Yesterday (Saturday) I wandered into the sewing room, thinking I would sew together some of the blocks lurking about on the design wall, but instead I decided to sit down at my quilting machine and get over myself.

True confessions: my quilting machine intimidates me, a little.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A side of Nope


I knew I'd have to adjust the side borders, using a 3/4" strip of focus fabric to stretch the final measurement to fit the side measurement. (I also had to adjust the top/bottom borders by trimming off a bit from each side of each block, but that didn't show as much.) But I didn't actually put the borders up on the design wall to see the effect. So this happened:
Naturally, I didn't see it until everything was sewn together. That's a big side of NOPE!

Sunday, October 8, 2017


So, I'm poking around Google, trying to figure out why there are still photos up on our Apple TV screen saver when I've deleted everything from the Photos app (it usually crashes the MacBook Pro at least 5 times before I can download anything from the camera, so fuck it). I figured it out once, long ago, well enough to get the family photos into some kind of stream that creates a virtual wall o' photos whenever the TV has been paused for more than 2 minutes, but I'll be damned if I can figure it out again in order to get them off!

Anyway, I thought I'd try the Google account. I'd never looked at "Activity" before, so imagine my surprise to find a record of all the searches I've made going back to 2011! 'Only I can see this data' I'm being assured, but since my laptop is available to whomever flips the lid, I find that less than reassuring.

If you're as private a person as I (that sounds a bit weird, coming from someone who actually blogs occasionally, quite the opposite of keeping oneself private), here are the steps that got me from "poking around" to actively deleting:

Go to Google Apps |  My Account

then "Manage your Google activity"

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Here Comes the Sun

My husband uses the current administration as the full moon off of which to sight his sextant of life choices. And this administration is headed by as full a moon as you're ever likely to find in a car full of adolescent passengers. All this is to say, as soon as King Coal was adopted as the energy source of choice, hubby decided to finally embrace solar power.

Having wanted to go solar for years now, I was thrilled when he finally came on board. It may also have been a matter of timing--I'm not sure the company we went with had enough cachet in our area until now. But they're aligned with Elon Musk, the John Galt of our times, so we're happy.

I came home (after 5 weeks in Oregon helping my parents) in time for the install. In preparation, hubby had moved everything from the left side of the overstuffed, chaotic garage to the right side (also overstuffed and chaotic) in anticipation of the battery wall being installed inside the garage. He also moved things off the back wall. Not particularly well or well thought out (as in: move the entire 7' cabinet, but don't empty any of the shelves?!?), but moved nonetheless.

First step on The Day: slow the 50 mph traffic (of kids being driven to the three "within walking distance" schools on our street) to an acceptable 30 mph, by parking a fleet of vans and a truck in front of the house.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Lovely to meet you, Kay!

Thank you, Kae, for graciously allowing us to intrude upon your solitude this afternoon and giving me a tour of your studio and home and quilts. Such fun! Such loveliness!!

My verbal description of my design wall didn't even begin to convey what was in my mind's eye, and rather than try to match up a bunch of attached pictures to a narrative in an email, I figured this would be easiest.
My design wall, in a room with a 10' ceiling.