Sunday, December 31, 2017

Wash on Monday

The Magpies like to remind each other every New Year's Eve to refrain from doing the laundry on New Year's Day, lest ye be doomed to repeat that action all year 'round.

Every January 1st prior to this one, I've ignored that superstition and proceeded to do whatever I felt like or needed to do that day, wholly cognizant of the fact that the calendar is a man-made artifact, signifying nothing. But tomorrow, I will deliberately do laundry.

In so doing, I will be grateful for another year of:

Having a working washing machine for my use at any time of any day or night, as suits me and my schedule.

Having enough clothing and linens that I can be clothed and dry while a load of laundry is being done.

Soap that is plentiful and inexpensive.

Clean, running water.

Ample and dependable electricity.

A home that contains it all.

Sometimes, something as fickle as an old wire in an old refrigerator, or one drop of rain too many too soon after the last deluge, can rip these luxuries out of one's life.

Tomorrow, I will deliberately do laundry, and be grateful for the privileges I now enjoy.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Unraveled: Merry Holidays edition

Today I gave myself the gift of letting go of this:

Fine. The thought behind it was noble; I'll buy myself a tiara and get on with my life!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Rules help control the fun!

I don't remember this block exchange. At all.
But I figure it was probably the last one in which I participated while I was still active in a quilting bee, because as I pulled block after block from the drawer in which they were stashed, I began to understand why they had languished for over 10 years: there were very few usable blocks.

Most of the blocks I received in exchange for the (well made, correctly-sized) blocks I had assembled were undersized and skimpy. I ended up unstitching most of them, reusing anything I could. Most of the pieces ended up in my Box o' Triangles because they had been cut too small to begin with. Some of the small squares could be reused, but this "exchange" project ended up being 90% my own fabric.

If I hadn't realized it then, I certainly figured it out while getting this project assembled and out of the UFO drawer: I don't enjoy group efforts if the group doesn't meet my standards. All I ask is that the rules be followed! If you can't accomplish a 6.5" square, please don't dilute the efforts of those of us who can!

I'm not a floral kind of gal, but I was pleasantly surprised at the design that formed as the blocks went up. This'll get donated to a former chorus member who distributes lap quilts to shut-ins, through her church ministry.

In Training

Franklin at his passive-aggressive best (purring a loud, deep, throaty purr the entire time, to show how much he loves me and my companionship):
"What? I'm just sitting here. You can still work around me, if you really wanted to. But did you know that in 3 hours we're all going to drop dead of starvation? Since you're not doing anything right now, why don't you go ahead and feed us, hmmm?"

Friday, December 22, 2017

Shave 'n' a Haircut (x2), and an opinion...

...or one month's-worth of electricity: that's what you can buy with $0.52! In truth, the two-and-fifty cents was to pay the taxes levied ($.23) and the Miscellaneous Gross Receipts Fee ($.29). We didn't pay for ANY electricity for the period 14 November to 14 December, and, in fact, have a balance in the energy "bank" of 150 kiloWatt hours: what we generated (251 kWh) minus what we used (101 kWh).

Nice news indeed on this gray, rainy day during which we probably won't even generate 2 whole kiloWatt hours. As reference, yesterday was bright and sunny and we generated 24.1 kWh for the day. Right now, at 3 pm, I'm looking at a forlorn wave of yellow and the sum of 1.2 kWh. (Home usage so far today: 4.8 kWh.) The PowerWall never even had a hope of fully recharging today.

And that's... okay. It's all part and parcel of the whole solar-powered experience.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Food, glorious food

Hubby took to the road early this morning, travelling half the continent on two of the shortest days of the year on his new motorcycle. He's off visiting family; I'm at home enjoying my own company. The clowder is completely confused. There's still a biped in the house, but they don't know how to act. It's not the right biped. They hover, they perch, they pace, but they don't nag, which usually starts in the middle of the afternoon.

"The Loud isn't here. Will we starve?"

Friday, December 8, 2017

Whoa! Snow!

December 8th, in the middle of Texas, and we have snow on the ground! It never even occurred to me that it might be in the forecast, despite the last two dreary days. I was caught unawares because I hadn't been listening to the radio regularly (how 20th Century is that sentence?!?)

Of course I wanted to see what the panels looked like:
Yep. Snow-covered. How would that affect the electricity generation?