Saturday, September 14, 2019

Preparing to QAIG

As I was making the previous QAYG (Quilt As You Go) project, I was making mental plans for the next one which would use up a huge roll of bright pink fleece and a quick 'n' easy muumuu/shift my MIL had left behind after a visit. She didn't want it back, it was too small for me, and it was made from 100% cotton. As it was a tad flimsier than quilting cotton, I was loathe to cut it up and put it in my regular stash, but I was also loathe to just throw it out. Instead, I gave it a home in the drawer with the pink fleece with the intention of combining the two some day.

The day(s) arrived. I needed another piecing project so I could keep Leadering-and-Endering (heaven forbid I treat those pieces as a "real" project with sewing time devoted solely to them!) Elaine's been having such fun with her QAYG projects, that I got the bug too.

From a large hunk of brushed denim-like fabric I cut as many 9-1/2" squares as I could (99) to use as foundations (instead of batting). I had tried using this as a backing a while back, but the more I unrolled it, the grottier it revealed itself to be. THIS was something in which it could be useful.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Still lurking about

So, some of this happened yesterday, finally.

At the end of May, this had been entirely clear of vegetation, with a fresh layer of sand put down in expectation of 12" pavers to follow. Then I had an encounter with "leaflets three" from which I slowly recovered during our hot, dry summer. Nature stepped in to fill that sandy void I left.

Tuesday we had a good rain, at long last, leaving the ground soft and manageable. Wednesday morning I popped out and pulled things up until my eyesight was too compromised with sweat (even with a bandana around my forehead) to be able to distinguish things properly. Three or four more passes should get the remaining plants uprooted and tossed in the bin (which is full now anyway, so I'm in no hurry today).

Now I'm off to make some headway in the sewing room. The day's To-Do List has been completed, and I'm in the mood for sewing up some mindless QAYG string blocks.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

"Like I needed another Time Suck in my life"

If it wasn't for the fact that The Loud was out of the house all day due to work, I truly wouldn't have had a clear and constant idea of what day this was. Hurricane Dorian has kept me riveted since it made (and maintained) landfall in the Bahamas. It wasn't until this evening that I was finally able to break that spell and start doing other things.

I only have social media accounts with Blogger and Twitch, but I can access Twitter and read the postings. What an incredible cesspool of ignorance and misinformation! Lots of helpful and timely stuff too, of course, but tons of old information posted again, and again, and again, and again....

The most interesting aspect of this experience was how deeply invested I became in the welfare of someone I had never even heard of before Sunday, a hurricane chaser by the name of Josh Morgerman who was on Abaco for the duration, but stopped tweeting on the morning of September 1st after posting this message: "Pounding. CRASHING. Boards prying off windows. We're moving children to a safe space, wrapping them in blankets." After that he wasn't heard from for 2-1/2 days. What a cliff-hanger!

So tonight I've been catching up on quilters' blogs and starting to feel in the mood to sew again. I'm afraid the only productive thing I did all weekend was clip the cats' nails and empty their litter boxes. I'll keep lightly monitoring the situation as Dorian moves up the coast (family in Jacksonville), but I won't be glued to the laptop screen for entire days, bouncing from one hashtag to another. It was like I was drugged!

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Happy Bunny Take the Wheel!

Today is a day of completing those odds 'n' sods cleaning projects.
Happy Bunny has been my co-pilot ever since I bought this set for myself for my 50th birthday. Whenever I get a new car, I clean these up and get them installed pronto. For some reason, that didn't happen this time around and she's been sitting in a bathtub, patiently waiting for some attention for the past 10 months. Now she's air/heat drying in the shade in our 100-degree Texas weather and will be ready to go back to work in just a few hours.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

This is a thing now?

I was listening to an NPR article this afternoon while running errands, one about Taiwan and its rocky history with mainland China, and the author was attempting to wax poetic about the tea farm/tea house he was visiting. To describe the beautiful scenery, he used this phrase: "Instagram-able views".

I can't decide if I'm more appalled at this usurpation of a completely functional phrase ("beautiful scenery"), or at how it immediately diminishes the grandeur of the vista to a tiny, electronic shadow of its reality.

I can also imagine the writer preening about his clever turn of phrase--more's the pity!

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Here There Be Pins

The Loud started his new semester today--he'll be teaching for long, 9-to-10-hour days every Tuesday and Thursday for the next few months. This leaves me with a quiet house all to myself, free to listen (or not) to whatever I wish, and monopolize any surface I need for the day.

Today it's the pinning/dining room table. This is where I'll be all day and probably into the evening:

Monday, August 26, 2019

Pondering and Puttering

The Shoo Fly Leader-Ender Challenge blocks are at the point where they're getting completed very quickly, and I really need to figure out how to set them.

Do they excite me all jammed together?
Not especially.
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